3 Vehicle Car Accident Sends Virginia Man To The Hospital

A two-vehicle car accident during inclement weather might be enough to leave most people reeling from the shock or potential injuries suffered in the collision. For many victims, the reality of a three-car accident may be even worse. In Virginia, a car accident involving three vehicles -- one of which was a tractor-trailer transporting logs -- on icy roads sent one man to the hospital.

Inclement Weather Causes Dangerous Road Conditions

Shortly after 5 am Monday morning, a logging tractor-trailer struck a southbound vehicle on highway 53. At the time, it was transporting a full load of logs. After the initial impact, the weight of the logs pulled the truck in the opposite direction and slammed into another vehicle.

The driver of the first vehicle that was hit -- a 50-year-old male from Duluth -- suffered serious injuries. Five paramedics were required just to extract the man from his vehicle. Afterward, he was rushed to a local hospital. Weather conditions did not permit for him to be airlifted.

During inclement weather when roads are iced over, many drivers might try to drive more cautiously than normal. However, that might not always be enough to keep most drivers safe. With his trip to the hospital, this Virginia might be facing a quickly building mountain of medical bills along with what might be long-lasting pain and suffering. In Virginia, those injured in a car accident due to the negligence of others might find that successfully settling a personal injury can help with those unexpected bills and the emotional trauma that sometimes accompanies terrifying car accidents on slick roads.

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