Bus Accidents Can Be Even More Dangerous Than Truck Accidents

We often talk about truck accidents and the serious threats they pose to those involved. Big trucks are difficult to drive, and while the drivers are trained to handle the large machines, everyone makes mistakes, and a variety of outside influences can impact the driver’s ability to control the large truck. A slight mistake can easily lead to massive property damage and devastating injury, and in some cases death.

It may not occur to you, but bus accidents are extremely similar to truck accidents. The vehicles are much larger than most, the drivers are specially trained to handle the vehicle, and there are companies that own the vehicles that could also be responsible for factors that contribute to a crash. However, bus drivers have to deal with the additional distraction of their passengers, which are usually rowdy school children. Additionally, many buses lack the safety features of other vehicles, such as seat belts and anti-lock brakes.

It would be erroneous to claim that accidents involving buses are more likely to occur due to these additional distractions, but it does lead one to believe that the driver’s attention span is stretched even more thin than most other drivers, and it may not take much for a bus driver to make a mistake. Combine this with the fact that, if the bus does crash, the passengers may suffer serious injury due to the lack of safety features, and you can see why bus accidents are a common concern in any state, including Virginia.

Fortunately, just like with other accidents and injuries, there are legal options for those who are injured in bus accidents. Visit our webpage to learn more about bus accidents and how we can help you build a strong case to get the compensation you deserve.

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