Do Pedestrian Legal Protections Apply To Interstate Highways?

While pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur in parking lots or residential areas, it is not necessarily true that they never occur elsewhere. From time to time, pedestrians are struck in larger, more active areas such as highways. There are not as many reasons for pedestrians to be crossing or walking on interstate highways as there are for them to be crossing the parking lot, but this is why highways are even more dangerous for pedestrians.

It may surprise you to learn that more than 10 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents take place on interstate highways. It is understandable that there would be a large amount of deaths considering the high speeds of vehicles on such highways; there is little chance of a pedestrian surviving when struck by a vehicle traveling at more than 60 miles per hour. The issue with pedestrian accidents on highways, however, is that pedestrians are responsible for their own safety to an extent. This means that pedestrians must exercise reasonable caution when on an interstate, which can be difficult when cars are moving so fast that they do not even see you until it is too late.

Even though it is certainly unlikely for pedestrians to be on a highway, that does not mean that they are not still afforded all of the legal protections of being a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. Perhaps a higher responsibility will be placed on the pedestrian for exercising caution and maintaining an appropriate level of care, but if a driver is negligent and injures a pedestrian, that driver can still be held responsible for the injuries.

There are also instances in which defects on the highway contribute to pedestrian accidents, and in those instances, the agency responsible for the road may have legal responsibility as well. Just because you are injured on a highway as a pedestrian does not mean that you are given fewer options legally. Virginia residents who have been injured in a pedestrian accident or lost a loved one due to a pedestrian accident on a highway are encouraged to meet with an attorney.

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