How Effective Are The Safety Features Of Buses?

Bus safety is a topic that many people should concern themselves with, but too few do. Every weekday morning, many of us send our children off on a school bus. These vehicles have no seatbelts and are driven by a relative stranger, and yet we casually place our precious children in their care. Earlier this year, the dangers of buses were brought to the forefront of public concern when ten people were killed following a bus accident.

The bus accident occurred when a FedEx truck struck the bus, and while many students were able to escape through windows, the bus exploded, killing three adults, the bus driver and five students who were still inside. The incident reopened conversations about increasing the safety measures of buses to include seatbelts and emergency exits. In fact, by November 2016, large buses and newer motor coaches will be required to have three-point lap-shoulder belts.

While there is some concern that the seatbelts will not be worn without someone there to enforce them, the largest barrier for the inclusion of seatbelts was cost. It begs the question of whether you can really put a price on the value of safety in the event of a bus accident. While many investigations were undertaken to get better ideas of the circumstances surrounding the crash, it is clear that some concern for the safety features of buses is well warranted.

This tragic accident may have occurred in California, but similar accidents could easily happen in Virginia, where lack of bus safety features can still cause problems. Bus accidents are not the most common of accidents, but data seems to indicate that buses are lacking in effective safety features. This means that the relatively few accidents that do happen often cause serious damage. If you or someone you love is involved in a bus accident, you may want to seek advice from an attorney who can look over the circumstances of your case and may be able to guide you through your case to get the desired outcome.

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