How Important Is A Helmet In A Motorcycle Accident?

Regardless of the capacity in which you use your motorcycle, it is always important to wear a helmet for personal safety. However, it’s your body and you have control over it. Some people feel that not wearing a helmet is worth the risk, and that is their choice to make. But you may ask yourself if having a helmet on will affect the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, such as how much compensation you are entitled to if the accident was someone else’s fault.

First and foremost, it is important to know if wearing a helmet is a legal obligation in your area. Your local DMV can answer any questions you may have about the legal requirements of wearing a helmet, so be sure to learn about the specifics of Virginia law. If you are legally required to wear a helmet, you may be concerned about what happens if you get into an accident without a helmet on. It may surprise you to learn that you could still be eligible for compensation.

In instances where you can prove that another person was at fault in your accident, you will likely still be compensated for your injuries, whether you had a helmet or not. However, failure to comply with helmet laws may affect the amount of compensation you receive. It may be deemed that a helmet could have prevented some of your injuries, and thus you should not be compensated for injuries that could have been avoided.

KFFJ Can Answer Your Motorcycle Helmet Questions

Ultimately, it is up to the discretion of the biker whether or not to wear a helmet if it is not a legal requirement. A helmet will neither hinder nor help your chances of making a successful personal injury case. For more answers to common motorcycle accident questions, visit our motorcycle web page.

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