Large Truck Contributes Further To A Virginia Accident

Even though we often talk about the dangers of truck accidents, they bear repeating because they cannot be overstated. There is perhaps no type of accident that is simultaneously so devastating and so difficult to handle from a legal perspective. You may think that a truck accident could never happen to you. Maybe you make sure to always pass a large truck when there is a long stretch of open road, or you stay well behind them, but unfortunately that is no guarantee.

Recent Virginia Truck Accident

truck accident occurred recently in Virginia, and there was truly nothing any of the other parties could do. They were not even on the road with the large truck, as they had already been involved in a 3-vehicle crash. A VDOT truck pulled over to assist with the accident scene, and shortly thereafter, a truck driver lost control of his vehicle, flipped over, and crushed the VDOT vehicle. Blessedly, the only injured person was the VDOT truck driver, and the extent of his injuries were minor, some cuts on his hand and back pain.

While instances like this may not be common, it nevertheless shows how everyone must be wary of truck accidents. Even people who never drive around a large truck may one day be involved in a truck accident, simply because of the nature of the trucks. If your tire blows out, and you pull over to the side of the road to change it, all it takes is for one truck driver who has been forced to drive too many hours to complete his schedule to rub his eyes for two seconds, and the truck could strike your vehicle.

KFFJ Can Help You 

It is important to remember that a truck accident is not the end of the world. It may seem frightening to be on the receiving end of a large tractor-trailer, and if your car is crushed by the size of the large truck, you may be wondering how you will ever get your life back on track, but the law is on your side. If the truck driver was at fault in the accident, you could file a claim and be compensated for your injuries and property damage. Contact the Virginia truck accident lawyers at KFFJ in Fairfax at 703-691-8333 to schedule your free consultation.

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