KFFJ Law's Fairfax Office Renovation Progress

Construction is underway here at KFFJ Law! We are very excited to kick this summer off with a complete office overhaul, adding fresh improvements to the reception area, conference rooms, and attorney work spaces, giving them the revamping they needed. We knew we weren’t immune to the ever-evolving work environment at so many companies these days, so it was time for a change.

Same Firm, New Look

Needless to say, it’s been a busy last few weeks here in Fairfax, VA. Maneuvering between crumbling drywall, rusty cable wires, and retired lighting fixtures is not something we’re used to here, but we’re thrilled to see the end result in the coming weeks. The current condition looks like something out of “Extreme Makeover: Law Firm Edition”, however we’re confident once construction is completed our work space will make visitors feel right at home. The new additions will help bring us together so we can always be at our best. In order to continue delivering top quality services it is important we maintain a comfortable and inspiring work environment.  

Creating A Modernized Office Space

When deciding on a design for the new layout, we knew it had to make the best first impression possible for our clients so they could feel at ease the moment they walked in. It needed to reflect our firm’s dedicated work ethic and professionalism while also emphasizing our commitment to the modern work environment: our new glass-walled conference room will boast state of the art videoconferencing capabilities.

A warm and welcoming reception area was very important to us, too. We know that speaking with an attorney can be an intimidating experience, so creating an instant stress-free and calm location for visitors was our primary vision.

Stop by our office if you’re in the area to see how things are going! 

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