Motorcyclists should not have to worry as much about their method of transportation as they do. It’s very difficult to feel any kind of security when riding a motorcycle because you really can’t tell which drivers notice you and who isn’t paying attention. Despite having as much right as anyone else to be on the road, you are instead treated like an unwelcome guest, tolerated by the people around you only for as long as is convenient. In some instances, they don’t even notice you at all.

Virginia was host to a fatal motorcycle accident recently, wherein a motorcyclist was killed after colliding with another car. According to reports, the car was making a left turn when the motorcyclist hit her car, but considering that the woman driving the car is now facing reckless driving charges, it appears that she was at fault.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what happened: perhaps the woman thought the motorcyclist was moving slower than he was so she would have plenty of time to make the turn, or perhaps she simply didn’t even see him. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the accident, alleged reckless driving has cost a man his life, and the alleged reckless driver left without an injuries to speak of. It’s just another example of how unjust the roads are to motorcyclists.

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Fortunately for motorcyclists, there are places other than roads to seek out justice. The courts protect motorcyclists in the same way that they protect other automobiles, and victims who were not at fault in an accident are not left to deal with their injuries alone. Strong legal counsel can bring your case to court and help you receive compensation for the damage you have suffered due to the negligence of another. Contact KFFJ today to schedule a free consultation.

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