Motorcyclist Killed In Alleged Racing Accident

It’s no secret that motor vehicle accidents are an extremely common occurrence in our country, yet they seem like they should be so avoidable. After all, paying proper attention when driving and ensuring that your car is in good condition should mean that nobody gets into any accidents. Unfortunately, people do not always employ good driving practices, and the consequences could be severe, especially for motorcyclists. Accidents that could result only in minor injuries for most drivers could mean death for motorcyclists.

An example of this occurred recently in Mississippi when two motorcyclists allegedly began to race down a busy highway. According to an eyewitness, the two bikers reached speeds of nearly 100 mph before a car drove out in front of them. The witness claims that one biker managed to avoid the car, but the other biker was killed in the resulting collision.

Motorcycle accidents are not exclusive to Mississippi, and bikers in Virginia or other states could easily find themselves in similar circumstances driving down the road. Obviously, all drivers are encouraged to practice defensive driving and avoid racing, but there is no guarantee that this biker was actually involved in a race. An eyewitness claims that the two were racing and speeding, but police have not confirmed anything. All we know for sure is that a motorcyclist is dead because he collided with a car.

KFFJ Can Provide Legal Assistance

Cases like these can be very difficult for bikers, as there are some prejudices that come with the biking territory. Many people assume that motorcyclists are reckless drivers and are thus not beyond making claims or judgments that are not true. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you are aware of the benefits of legal assistance. Consulting with an experienced Virginia motorcycle attorney can help you present your side of the case to ensure that justice is served.

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