Motorcyclist Killed When Suv Crosses Into Path

While motorcyclists may be at a disadvantage in terms of avoiding injury in a car accident, riders nonetheless have a right to safety on the road. However, many distracted or otherwise negligent drivers fail to see motorcycles, and the resulting collisions are often catastrophic.

Virginia State Police recently responded to an early-afternoon motorcycle accident in Temperanceville. According to police, an SUV crossed into a motorcyclist's path. The 52-year-old rider was flung from his bike. He suffered serious injuries and died after arriving at a hospital in Maryland.

According to police, speed and alcohol were not thought to be factors in the crash, though the 81-year-old SUV driver was cited for failing to yield.

Such tragic accidents underscore the heightened risk of injury faced by motorcycle riders. In the wake of a fatal accident, the victim’s grieving family is often burdened with not only deep emotional loss; there may be other costs that are not covered by auto insurance. Such costs may include funeral expenses, exorbitant hospital bills and the income the deceased victim would have earned.

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