Coming to the aid of a person who was hit by a car is a heroic act. One rarely thinks that the heroic act would become a dangerous one though. Last week, four people in Chesapeake were helping a woman who was hit by a car. All five people were then struck by another vehicle, allegedly driven by a drunk driver.

The man who allegedly struck the pedestrians is being charged with driving under the influence. None of the injuries the pedestrians received were fatal. The pedestrians were lucky as a pedestrian accident can easily lead to death because pedestrians are particularly vulnerable and lack means of protection. A pedestrian accident can also result in serious injuries such as, broken bones, head trauma, brain damage, back injuries and neck injuries.

Unfortunately, many individuals involved in pedestrian accidents end up facing long recovery periods or even permanent disability. Permanent disability could cause them to lose their job and source of income. Due to this permanent disability they might not be able to provide for their family or fully enjoy life. They may also suffer from emotional trauma. If the driver is found guilty of the charges against him – or even if he is not -- he can be held liable.

Pedestrians involved in accidents can file personal injury lawsuits to hold a negligent driver accountable. If you file a lawsuit, you may be able to get financial compensation for medical expenses, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, loss of wages, and in the event of death, funeral expenses. Getting financial compensation is a step toward getting your life back after a pedestrian accident occurs.

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