We all know Northern Virginia is full of great places to ride a motorcycle, with so many beautiful tree-lined thoroughfares throughout the area. The region also offers means of quicker, albeit less tranquil, transportation in the form of the Beltway. One commonality in between these two environments is that in both, motorcyclists must always be on their guard for inattentive drivers. Careless or distracted drivers on four wheels are frequently the cause of motorcycle accidents.

But what can be done to help keep a Virginia motorcyclist out of harm’s way? The answer may lie in a call from the U.S. Department of Transportation that vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems be built into all automobiles and light trucks. As envisioned, these systems would inform drivers of potentially hazardous situations, including the presence of motorcycles.

In 2001, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute started working on the vehicle warning system technology. In tandem with Virginia’s Department of Transportation, the institute set up testing grounds along highways in Fairfax.

The two organizations face myriad challenges in their research and development processes. Currently they are looking at a variety of possible vehicle-driver interfaces. In addition, a new network to carry the vast array of relevant data must be developed.

So, while the future appears to hold promise for motorcycle safety, the days of cars telling their drivers to watch out are not yet here. An inattentive automobile driver still holds a grave threat to the vulnerable driver on two motorized wheels.

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