Motorcycle accidents are extremely serious issues, which almost certainly result in severe injury or even death for victims. All too often, passenger vehicles simply do not see motorcyclists or willfully ignore them, causing a collision or causing the motorcyclist to veer off the road. In both instances, the drivers of the passenger vehicles are often not even harmed, while the motorcyclists are flown to hospitals in critical condition or even pronounced dead at the scene.

Of course, motorcycle accidents are not always a matter between one biker and one driver. Sometimes there are more than two vehicles involved, and sometimes the vehicles have passengers. For individuals who choose to ride as passengers on motorcycles, the dangers are just as serious, or perhaps even more serious, as these passengers do not have control or influence over where a motorcycle will go. They can often be caught completely unaware in a motorcycle accident, unable even to try to protect themselves as the crash occurs.

Recently in West Virginia, a teenage girl was killed in a motorcycle accident in which she was a passenger. The motorcycle was being driven by her brother, and though police are still investigating the incident, it is confirmed that the motorcycle was struck by a vehicle. The young girl's brother is expected to survive though he was hospitalized and required surgery. The SUV's driver remains unharmed.

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Though this case happened very close by in West Virginia, motorcycle accidents happen in Virginia as well, and this could easily have occurred to a pair of siblings in our state. Those who are injured or who lost loved ones in a motorcycle accident, even if the victim was a passenger, should know that they could be compensated for their injuries or loss if they can prove that another driver was at fault for the accident. Enlisting the aid of an experienced motorcycle attorney at KFFJ can help victims build a strong case to recover the compensation they deserve. Please schedule an initial consultation today by calling toll free at 877-652-1553 or by contacting our Fairfax, Virginia, law office online.

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