Three-Car Truck Accident In Virginia Proves Fatal

While nobody wants to get into an automobile accident of any kind, some automobile accidents are certainly worse than others. A minor fender-bender is vastly preferable to a collision that causes your airbags to be deployed, for example. Arguably the worst type of automobile accident is a semi-truck accident. Due to the size of a large semi-truck, there is almost no outcome in a collision that results in a smaller car or its driver coming out unscathed.

Two-Truck Accident In Culpepper, VA

Possibly the only thing worse than an accident involving a one-truck accident is a two-truck accident, such as the one that occurred recently in Culpeper, Virginia. Police state that a car was stopped at an intersection and behind it was a Culpeper Trucking LLC wood hauling truck. A produce truck rear-ended the wood hauling truck, knocking the smaller passenger vehicle into the intersection and the two trucks caught fire on the side of the road. The driver of the produce truck died at the scene, and the other two drivers were hospitalized.

This may seem like a simple case of a negligent truck driver causing a massive wreck, but when dealing with trucks, it’s not always as simple as it appears. The fact is that truck drivers are not always directly accountable for the state of their vehicles. The company that owns the truck is responsible for the upkeep of their vehicles, as well as the drivers they hire.

KFFJ Can Help

It’s entirely possible in this instance that the truck’s brakes were in a state of disrepair, preventing the driver from being able to stop before colliding with the Culpeper truck. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident involving a truck, it is highly advisable that you get legal assistance to help you handle the complexities of a truck accident.

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