Understanding Bus Accidents in Fairfax Virginia

Buses are an extremely efficient way to transport large groups of people for a variety of reasons or events. Obviously, there are school buses, which transport students to and from school on a near-daily basis, but there are other types of buses as well. Business sometimes charter buses in order to transport employees or partners to a conference or work-related celebration, and many companies use buses to transport tourists around large areas full of incredible sights.

While these buses may seem like wonderful options, the truth is that they can be dangerous just as any other motor vehicle can. However, many buses lack safety features such as seat belts, and as a result, passengers involved in a bus accident may suffer from minor or serious injuries that could easily have been avoided. As with any other motor vehicle, you have rights if you are involved in an accident.Understanding Bus Accidents in Fairfax VA

Virginia Buses are Considered Common Carriers 

In Virginia, like many states, buses are considered common carriers. This means that because they are transporting people or goods for compensation, they are held to an extremely high standard of safety and care for their cargo. For example, school bus drivers are expected to be extra careful when stopping to allow small children off the bus, and they are also expected to drop the children off in as safe a place as possible to ensure the children are not injured on their way home.

Seek Help from Fairfax VA Truck Accident Attorneys

Similar to truck accidents, many different parties could be held responsible for bus accidents depending on the circumstances. In order to have a full understanding of the aspects of your case and get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve, it is highly recommended that you consult with an attorney if you are injured in a bus accident.

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