The road is a dangerous place where many different kinds of accidents occur. Trucks, cars and motorcycles are some of the more common agents involved in road accidents, but pedestrians can also be caught up in tragic street mishaps. In fact, pedestrian accidents are not unheard of, and when a moving vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the pedestrian will almost always lose in the exchange by suffering serious injuries.

A 6-year-old Virginia boy crossing the road recently lost his life when struck by a Toyota four-runner. The kindergartener had been briefly separated from his family and appeared to be heading home. Police said that the boy darted out unexpectedly and that the driver likely could not avoid him. Speed and alcohol did not play a part in the tragic accident.

Cases like this emphasize how quickly an accident can occur and how catastrophic damages can be. Drivers sometimes fail to notice pedestrians until it is too late, and it only takes a minor collision to cause serious injury to a pedestrian. Whether you're walking along a crosswalk or crossing the street with the right of way, you can still end up with devastating injuries if a nearby driver is negligent.

Being struck by a heavy motor vehicle will likely result in many medical bills or costs of burial, expenses grieving individuals should not have to worry about. Virginia legal counsel may be able to help conduct their own investigation of the accident to determine if you are owed remuneration for your suffering. Financial compensation from a lawsuit can ease the economic burdens of recovery and let you and your loved ones focus exclusively on the physical and emotional struggles to heal.

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