It is all too easy to forget just how serious a road accident can be, particularly when that accident involves a truck. These large vehicles are such a common sight on the roads of Virginia that their potential hazards are often overlooked. The problem is, it is not necessarily the truck driver's fault when something goes wrong. It could be anything from a vehicle malfunction to the negligence of another driver.

Truck Accident Ends Tragically For Virginia Family

Whatever the cause, these accidents can have devastating consequences. Such was the case in one incident involving members of a family from Accomack County, Virginia. The two-vehicle collision occurred when a truck and a car collided. The 28-year-old truck driver was taken to have his injuries treated at a shock trauma center. The driver and passengers of the car were not so lucky.

The accident claimed the lives of a 24-year-old woman, her partner, her two young children and her pregnant sister. No charges were filed at the time and police were unsure where the fault lay. Sadly, solving this dilemma will be little comfort for those who lost loved ones in the terrible event.

KFFJ Can Help Recover Your Losses

Coming to terms with such a loss is never easy and you may find yourself hoping for answers. An attorney may be able to provide some support and closure, while possibly being able to assist you if you decide to file a claim. Whether you choose to go via your insurance provider or against those responsible for your accident can be a tough decision. However, your attorney may be able to help you pick the best option for you. 

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