Virginia Motorcyclist Hospitalized Following Serious Accident

Sometimes it feels like motorcyclists just can't catch a break on the road. At best, they have to deal with being bullied by larger vehicles cutting them off, but in some instances, they're completely ignored by larger vehicles. This disrespect or negligence can result in motorcycle accidents that cause catastrophic injuries, and in severe cases, it can have much more fatal consequences. It can happen in an instant, and there's very little that a victim can do for protection.

An accident happened in Norfolk, Virginia recently. The accident involved a motorcyclist who was struck by a car, presumably because the driver of the larger vehicle didn't even notice the motorcyclist. Norfolk Police claim that the car was headed eastward when the driver attempted to turn left and hit the motorcyclist. Not only did he fail to yield to the victim on the motorcycle, but it was also discovered that the car driver's license had been revoked.

The motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital, suffering from life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, even if he makes a full recovery that doesn't necessarily mean that his troubles are over. With massive medical bills and his inability to gain wages during his recovery, there's no telling what state his finances will be in.

KFFJ Can Help

Any motorcyclist could experience a similar situation. Even if you follow all of the rules, you might suffer serious injury due to another driver's negligence. If you drive a motorcycle, it's important to know your legal options following an accident. You aren't left to suffer alone, and you could be compensated for your injuries. A Virginia accident attorney may be able to help.

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