Virginia Pedestrian Killed In Accident

Many steps have been taken to ensure that pedestrians feel safe and secure walking close to roads, and pedestrians almost always have the right of way in Virginia. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that pedestrians are never injured by automobiles on the road in pedestrian accidents. Of course if a pedestrian is ever struck by a vehicle, they always come out on the losing end of the accident. Serious injuries are almost guaranteed, and in the worst cases, death is the result.

A male pedestrian was recently struck in Virginia Beach. He was hit in the Oceanfront area and rushed to the hospital, but died shortly after arriving. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and charged with DUI. He is being held without bond.

No details were revealed about the exact nature of the accident or exactly what injuries the victim suffered, but since alcohol was allegedly involved on the part of the driver, it’s logical to conclude the driver was at fault. Unfortunately for the victim, he never really stood a chance. Accidents such as this can neither be predicted nor prepared for, and as pedestrians, we can only live our daily lives hoping that the drivers around us are not being negligent. It only takes one tragic accident to cause irreparable damage to an individual and his or her family.

While nothing can bring back a lost loved one, a wrongful death lawsuit can offer compensation to help cope with the fallout of a family member who died in a tragic accident. Funeral arrangements and medical bills are only some of the financial issues that families may face in the wake of a traumatic accident, and strong legal counsel can ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve from a case of wrongful death.

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