Virginia Truck Accident Could Have Spilled Harmful Gas

Truck accidents involve many perils beyond those often found in mishaps connected to other vehicle types. While it’s extremely common to focus only on the excessive amount of damage that trucks can cause in an accident, focusing only on the dangers that a truck’s size presents completely ignores another aspect of a truck accident: cargo. Trucks are generally employed to transport all sorts of goods and material that other vehicles can’t handle, from fuel to logs to mobile homes. As dangerous as a massive truck can be, sometimes its cargo can be just as dangerous.

Possible Chemical Repercussions

truck accident occurred recently in Gloucester County, Virginia involving a truck and another vehicle. The truck, carrying welding gas bottles, overturned as a result of the accident. Many groups were deployed to inspect the accident area, including Virginia State Police and Virginia’s Department of Emergency Management. The accident did not cause any injuries, and the cause is still unknown, but people in the area were encouraged to turn off their ventilators and stay indoors.

Accidents like this prove that just because no immediate injury is discernable following an accident doesn’t mean that there will be no repercussions. Depending on the cargo of the truck involved in the accident, any number of unexpected complications could arise, which is why it is very important to take note of the conditions of those involved in a truck accident.

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Whatever injuries may be suffered following a truck accident, they need not be suffered alone. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, strong legal counsel is very useful to help navigate the complexities of a truck accident case. Contact the Virginia truck accident attorneys at KFFJ today to help get the compensation you deserve. 

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