Drivers who don't get nervous when they are next to a semi-truck are either very brave or they are not truly appreciating the dangers of their position. Standard automobile accidents are dangerous enough, but the added size and weight of a semi make a truck accident even more devastating. This is something that almost every driver knows simply through common sense. What the average driver may not know is how much more complex the fallout of an accident can be when a semi is involved.

Accident on Route 7

An accident occurred recently in Clarke County, Virginia. A flat-bed truck and a tractor-trailer collided in the afternoon while heading westbound on Route 7. One of the people inside the flat-bed truck was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. The road around the collision had to be shut down in the hours following the accident.

While the injured man recovers in a hospital bed, there could already be forces in motion trying to lessen the fallout of the accident. Trucking companies are aware of the liabilities surrounding their business, and they sometimes take steps to mitigate the damages that they might face when someone is injured in an accident involving their trucks. An injured man is recovering in a hospital bed, accruing medical bills for which he will be hard pressed to pay considering he is incapable of earning his wages. Meanwhile, the trucking company may already be contacting its attorneys and insurance adjustors in an effort to minimize their liability.

Contact KFFJ If You Need Legal Help

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, it is highly advisable that you seek strong legal counsel to ensure that the trucking company is held responsible for any damages its practices or its drivers may have caused. From negligent hiring practices to defective truck parts, any number of factors could have caused your accident. If it turns out that your accident was preventable if the trucking company or the truck driver had been more careful, you may be entitled to compensation.

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