When discussing motorcycle accidents, there is often a great deal of emphasis placed on how unfair motorcyclists are treated by larger vehicles. As true as this is, it is even more true for pedestrians, who must often not only take care to follow the rules themselves, but to make sure that motor vehicles are following the rules as well. For example, pedestrians almost always have the right of way, but if you were to walk carelessly along a crosswalk without first checking for oncoming cars, you might wake up in the hospital.

Oftentimes motor vehicles simply don?t respect pedestrians. They may even expect pedestrians to yield to them, since they know that they are larger. In some pedestrian accidents, a driver may not even see the pedestrian until it?s too late. This could be the cause of a recent tragedy that struck Virginia Beach.

According to an investigation, a 19-year-old man in Virginia Beach was recently struck and killed by a car. The report states that a Kia traveling down an eastbound lane of traffic struck the pedestrian, who was walking in the same eastbound lane. Though the Kia?s driver and the driver of another vehicle tried to aid the victim, he was pronounced dead. Police do not believe that speed or alcohol played a part in the crash, and no charges will be filed.

If you are walking near vehicles under any circumstances, it is extremely important that you exercise caution. Even a minor bump by a car?s standards can cause catastrophic injury to pedestrians. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, consider meeting with an attorney to discuss your case. Even if the police report did not find fault with the driver, legal counsel can offer a different perspective on the case, and may find something that was overlooked.

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