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From our Fairfax law office, the attorneys with KFFJ Law have the skill and experience to take on even the most complicated cases involving auto accidents, personal injury, divorce, child custody, and criminal defense. If you have questions about the type of cases we handle, or if you need immediate assistance, you can contact our fairfax attorneys now at 877-652-1553 or by filling out our confidential contact form.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Every year, hundreds of Virginians are hurt or killed because someone else drove drunk, drove while distracted, forgot to make a property repair, ignored a spill, skipped safety maintenance, or otherwise failed to take safe and reasonable action. As a result, individuals and families across the state have to live with—and pay for—catastrophic injuries and tragic losses that were not their fault. While nothing can undo the damage an accident has done, victims of negligence or carelessness can take action under the law to get financial compensation for what happened. However, many people are unsure about their rights, how to protect them, and how to get real answers.

At Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC, our personal injury attorneys have strong ties to northern Virginia, and we understand the pain and confusion that families are thrown into after an accident or tragedy. It is our goal to help our clients understand their rights, get the legal support they need, and hold the right people financially responsible for the preventable accidents that have changed victims’ lives. If you have questions, reach out to our Fairfax law office today at 877-652-1553.

Criminal Law

Being arrested or charged with a crime is often a scary and confusing experience for the accused, and it definitely doesn’t help that the legal process that follows can be surprisingly complicated. Many people in this situation find themselves feeling overwhelmed and unsure as they worry about how to deal with the police, how to make legal decisions, and how a conviction might affect their futures. However, accused people and their families don’t have to go through it all alone. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you understand your rights and build a strong defense.

A criminal conviction on your record can affect your life for many years to come, even after you’ve paid your fines or served your sentence. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the help you need to make a difference in your case. If you have questions, you can contact the criminal defense lawyers at our Fairfax law firm today at 877-652-1553.

Family Law & Divorce

From the very start, the decision to end a marriage, negotiate child custody, or take on another family law issue can be overwhelmingly difficult. However, the many legal steps and challenges that follow have the potential to take an extreme toll on families already under stress. By working with an experienced family and divorce lawyer, you give yourself the best chance to accomplish your legal goals with the care, skill, and precision your family deserves.

If you have questions about divorce, child custody, or another potentially life-changing family matter, you need to know that your attorney will really listen to what you have to say and respect your goals and decisions. Start getting answers today by contacting the experienced attorneys with our Fairfax law firm at 877-652-1553.