We Welcome Referrals for Personal Injury, Family Law, and Criminal Law Cases

Attorneys shaking hands over a referral agreementOver the past three decades, we have built our law firm one client at a time, and we provide each client with outstanding legal representation and personal attention. If you’ve been contacted by potential clients for family law, criminal law, or personal injury cases but are unable to represent them, we invite you to refer those clients to our firm. We will provide the same superior service you expect from your own attorneys.

We understand there are many reasons you may need to refer a case to another lawyer. Whether you have a conflict of interest, you practice another area of law, you do not practice in Virginia, or you simply can’t take a particular case, we want to hear from you. We may be able to provide a potential client with the necessary legal representation.

We Accept Personal Injury, Family Law, and Criminal Law Attorney Referrals

If you have a potential client who needs representation, but you are unable to provide the necessary legal services, our experienced legal team may be able to help. We accept the following types of cases:

  • Personal Injury. Our personal injury lawyers worked previously as insurance adjusters. We understand the games played by insurance companies after a personal injury accident, and we know how to fight back to help our clients achieve fair settlements. When a fair settlement cannot be achieved, we don’t hesitate to go to trial.
  • Family Law. Our family law attorneys help protect our clients’ relationships with their children and their financial futures. We have extensive experience, we make every client feel comfortable, and we offer real solutions to complicated family law matters.
  • Criminal Law. Our criminal defense lawyers believe that all clients deserve to be fully informed about the consequences—and their legal options. We work hard to ensure our clients understand the legal process, and we put forth the strongest possible defense during plea negotiations, trial, or appeal.

If you have a potential client with a personal injury, family law, or criminal law issue that you’re unable to handle for whatever reason, we may be able to manage the legal work and provide you with a percentage of our fee.

Referring a Case to Our Virginia Law Firm

When you refer a case to our Virginia law firm, you can be confident that:

  • The client will get the necessary legal representation by skilled and experienced attorneys.
  • You will receive a percentage of the legal fee for the case without having the responsibility of being the attorney of record.
  • You will be updated regularly on the status of the case.

Everyone can benefit from an attorney referral. Please contact us today to discuss the benefits of a possible referral to Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty, and Joshi, PLLC.

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