As the most populous county in Virginia, Fairfax County is the leader in traffic-related deaths in the commonwealth. Fairfax County leads the way in overall accidents, including the most alcohol-related (589 crashes) and speed-related (3,381) accidents. It is third in the state for accidents that occur with people who are unrestrained by seatbelts or car seats, with 167 crashes reported in 2019.  Crash statistics for Fairfax County

How Fairfax County Compares With Other Counties

According to 2019 Virginia Traffic Crash Facts, published by the Commonwealth of Virginia, here are some important crash statistics from 2019:

  • Fairfax County had 13,301 crashes that caused 45 fatalities and 6,032 injuries.
  • Prince William County, with 317,113 licensed drivers, accounted for 5,880 crashes, 14 deaths, and 2,899 injuries.
  • Loudon County, which had 290,723 licensed drivers in 2019, reported 4,951 crashes, 13 fatalities, and 2,079 injuries.

Do You Need an Attorney After a Fairfax County Accident?

The fallout from a car crash can extend far beyond the obvious immediate property damage to your vehicle, physical injury, and the costs associated with the accident, which can add up quickly. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you could be looking at a long-term disability that impacts your ability to earn wages in the future.

The earlier you contact a car accident attorney after a Fairfax County crash, the sooner you can gather relevant evidence and start to build a case, so you can recover damages to help you rebuild your life. Hiring an attorney immediately after your accident can also help you avoid costly mistakes like missing the statute of limitations for filing a case (two years from the date of injury).

Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our attorneys will work to help you negotiate a fair car crash settlement. Because we work on a contingency basis, you pay nothing up-front. We only get paid when you get paid.