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Mediation is a powerful tool when used to create resolutions to family law disputes. Family law matters often involve highly charged issues that feel to the parties impossible to resolve due to emotional reactions and inability to communicate and understand the other party’s position. Mediation with experienced mediator lawyers often allows parties to gain better understanding of the relative position of the other party and find solutions to what appear to be unresolvable differences. Judges often advise litigants that they are better off being involved in making decisions that will affect their futures and often their children’s futures than having a judge decide their case. Mediation is an ideal forum for settling even the most difficult contested issues, often in creative ways beyond the solutions available to a judge.

Mediation can be used to help resolve financial as well as custody and visitation issues during divorce. Mediation can also be used to reach Property Settlement Agreements before a divorce action is filed. When used before a divorce, mediation can help create agreement on key issues, thereby expediting the divorce itself.

A key benefit of mediation is that it can create incredible savings of time and money. Fighting over an issue in court is expensive and can drag out a divorce for a long time. A mediation lawyer can help you achieve resolution sooner and for less money.

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