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The extensive rail systems in the Washington, D.C., metro area and neighboring regions streamline travel, with millions benefiting from the Metro subway and Virginia Railway Express (VRE) for safe and convenient trips. While major train accidents are infrequent, negligence-induced serious injuries can warrant legal action against responsible parties. As a resident or visitor, if you’ve sustained injuries attributed to negligent maintenance or train operation, our reputable metro accident lawyer firm in Fairfax is here to offer guidance.

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Were You Injured Due to Negligent Train Operation or Maintenance Failures?

A crash is not the only event that may merit a valid claim against a public entity such as the Metro or VRE. We recognize that your injuries may have resulted from:

  • The sudden stop of a train, causing you to suffer extreme impact resulting in head injuries, back injuries, fractures or other harm
  • A fall on a defective or poorly maintained platform or elsewhere in a rail station, provided the cause was a demonstrable failure to maintain safe conditions or correct a known problem

Special statutes of limitations and other requirements apply to claims against government entities, making it essential to seek legal counsel quickly after your injury-causing accident. If we believe you may have a valid claim, we can enlist qualified investigative resources to recover photographic evidence, locate witnesses and take other essential actions for you.