When it comes to traffic accidents, it really does not get more devastating or serious than a truck accident. Semi-trucks are much larger than the other vehicles on the road, and because of this, they are capable of dealing significantly more property damage and physical damage. In nearly every scenario involving a truck and another vehicle colliding, the other vehicle and its passengers will suffer greater injury, which is why truck drivers are specially certified and usually do all that they can to avoid accidents.

What Makes Truck Accidents Different?

Of course truck accidents still happen, no matter how much care is exercised. But did you know that a truck accident in which the truck was at fault may not necessarily have been due to the driver? Unlike accidents involving two passenger cars, it is possible that a truck and another vehicle collided and neither driver was at fault. This is just one of the reasons that truck accidents are so much more complex.

The reason that the truck driver may not be at fault is because he or she is beholden to the wishes of the employing company that owns the truck. For example, if a trucking company requires its drivers to meet an unreasonable delivery schedule, the driver may speed or do without adequate sleep in order to adhere to the schedule. In this instance, the company may be found liable for the accident.

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