Experienced bikers may grow frustrated hearing the same safety advice repeated over and over again in the media. Most understand that they can significantly improve their chances of surviving motorcycle accidents if they wear proper helmets and safety gear. Additionally, most bikers are aware that they are uniquely vulnerable on the road and must remain sober, mentally attentive and physically alert in order to avoid accidents. But some safety advice can slip the attention of even the most experienced and conscious bikers. As a result, refreshing one’s memory on how to avoid common motorcycle accidents is never a bad idea.

One of the most common kinds of accidents affecting bikers is left-turn accidents. Motorists who are inattentive, have reduced visibility due to bad weather or who simply do not see bikers tend to turn left in front of them, causing collisions. This kind of accident should inspire bikers to drive defensively. If you are driving at a safe speed, are alert and have enough control to keep the bike upright, you will place yourself in the best position possible to either avoid the impending collision or take as much speed out of the impact as possible.

Another important safety tip bikers should refresh themselves on from time to time involves staying out of motorists’ blind spots. If car and truck drivers cannot see you, they will be much more likely to change lanes straight into you and your bike.

Finally, put safe distances between your bike and other vehicles. If one accidentally hits you, you will be less likely to be crushed into another if you have placed space between you and the vehicles in front of and beside you.

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