Members of the KFFJ Law team recently attended the 16th Annual Law Day Weiner Roast on Sunday, May 1st near the Fairfax County Courthouse. As always, the event did not disappoint! Hosted by the spirited staff of Weiner, Spivey & Miller, the annual Weiner Roast was a celebration of the United States’ adherence to rule of law and a community reflection on our values as a democratic nation. Attendees enjoyed delicious food, refreshing drinks, and toe-tapping musical guests on a splendid Sunday afternoon. The event was attended by an eclectic bunch, to say the least, ranging from revolutionary soldier reenactors, retired military vets, the George Mason University Jazz ensemble, and local public officials. Families feasted on yummy food provided by Red, Hot & Blue, as well as a tasty root beer tap for concocting delectable root beer floats.

Celebrating Our Values

Law Day in Fairfax VAThe event was also an opportunity to raise money for the Fairfax Law Foundation, whose mission is to provide law-related education to youth in the community, legal representation to those with special needs, and promote access to and improve the justice system. Both educational and entertaining, the event also aims to teach youngsters to understand and appreciate the role law played in shaping our country. Think of it as calmer 4th of July celebration, with just as much patriotism and few less fireworks.

A Tradition Of Reflection

If you are not familiar with the holiday, in 1958, President Eisenhower declared May 1st to be Law Day in order to highlight American democracy and celebrate the liberties provided by the justice system. The Weiner Roast event was one of thousands held on Law Day this year across the nation by those involved in all capacities of lawmaking. It is a chance to reflect on the principles that eventually became our country’s underlying foundation.

Attorneys Kate Fogarty and Jim Kearney attended the event with their families and shared a day of fun with other attorneys in the area. KFFJ Law would like to thank all who donated and contributed to the success of the event. Looking forward to next year’s celebration!