Food trucks are a great way to grab lunch, enjoy new cuisine at an outdoor event, or cater a party. In recent years, food trucks have become a popular choice for people who enjoy eating out, and there are more food trucks on the road traveling to their appointed locations. But while food trucks offer an alternative option for hungry customers, they can also be dangerous when they are involved in motor vehicle crashes. Accidents with food trucks

How Food Truck Accidents Happen

Food trucks present unique problems when on the road. Vehicle and food truck crashes can result in catastrophic injuries, so it’s important to understand the following reasons these types of accidents can be so serious:

  • Driving a food truck has a higher potential for explosion or fire. The extra gas or cooking fuel stored on the food truck may make an explosion or fire more likely in a crash.
  • Driving a food truck is difficult. Food trucks are larger than cars and may be difficult to maneuver on city and suburban streets—especially for drivers who are primarily cooks and businesspeople and not professional truckers. Inexperienced drivers behind the wheel of a food truck can create hazardous conditions for all vehicles on the road.
  • Driving a food truck has larger blind spots. Inexperienced food truck drivers may not realize that blind spots are bigger on food trucks than on passenger cars. Thus, they may not see other vehicles on either side of the truck or behind it when changing lanes or making a sudden stop.

Additionally, driving a food truck if you’re drowsy or distracted can have the same serious consequences as driving any vehicle under these circumstances. Food truck drivers may be exhausted after a long shift of cooking and serving customers, or they may be distracted by the multiple tasks they’re responsible for, including creating menus, ordering food, and finding the appropriate parking location. These mental distractions can cause a food truck driver to lose concentration and pay less attention to the road.

Get the Legal Recovery You Deserve

You have the right to pursue a fair recovery for your food truck crash injuries. Your compensation should include your healthcare costs, lost income, physical pain, emotional suffering, and other damages. However, your time to file a food truck crash case is limited by law. Our Northern Virginia accidents lawyers are here to help you protect your recovery. Please call us today to schedule your free consultation.