Wrist injuries in a motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists do not have the advantage of riding inside a protective enclosure like people in a car. So, when accidents happen, riders are often thrown from their bikes causing severe and debilitating injuries—even to those who wear helmets, gloves, and armored jackets. Often, the force of impact is enough to break bones and cause trauma to joints, muscles, and all body parts. Since most motorcyclists instinctively brace themselves before an unexpected fall, wrist-related injuries are common.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Wrist Injuries in Virginia

If you or a loved one suffered a wrist injury in a serious Virginia motorcycle accident, you will likely have to speak to an insurance adjuster if you file a personal injury claim. While the adjuster might be sympathetic, their loyalty lies with the insurance company, and they may try to categorize the injury as a “minor” wound unworthy of a significant settlement.

Why Wrist Injuries Are Not Minor

  • Tendon and ligament tears. The wrist has many different bones, muscles, and tissue, all of which work in tandem to control the hand and individual fingers. Even simple tendon and ligament tears can demand intensive treatment, including the temporary immobilization of the entire hand and wrist.
  • Lacerations. Even if you were wearing a jacket and gloves, your clothing could still be punctured by sharp debris. If you hit gravel, glass, or broken metal, you could sustain serious lacerations.
  • General wrist fractures. Fractures of the wrist bones are common in motorcycle accidents. Serious breaks may need multiple medical interventions, including repeated surgeries. If you work with your hands, a seemingly simple wrist fracture could compromise your ability to perform on the job.
  • Scaphoid fractures. The scaphoid bone is a small bone at the base of the thumb. While the scaphoid bone is not technically part of the wrist, scaphoid and wrist injuries often occur in tandem. A scaphoid injury could render your thumb temporarily immobile or permanently disabled.
  • Amputations. Motorcyclists face an increased risk of suffering permanently disabling injuries, including the loss of a limb.

How to Get the Settlement You Deserve

Virginia is an at-fault insurance state, and the at-fault party is responsible for providing compensation for the victim’s damages. However, even if you have a seemingly open-and-close claim, the other driver’s insurance company will still demand evidence of both your injuries and their client’s negligence.

How an Attorney Can Help You

  • An attorney will investigate the circumstances and causes of your accident. We can analyze physical evidence from the crash, subpoena surveillance camera footage, and interview eyewitnesses, creating a compelling, evidence-based case for compensation.
  • An attorney will assess the extent of your injuries. The insurance adjuster might insist that your wrist injury is not severe. However, the attorneys at Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC have spent years working with motorcycle accident victims. We have seen how, time and time again, insurance companies try to devalue wrist injury claims by insisting that a fracture is “simple” or otherwise unworthy of fair compensation. If the adjuster refuses to recognize the severity of your injury, we can put you in contact with medical experts who will be able to accurately determine the true extent of your injuries, including your long-term recovery needs.
  • An attorney will advocate for you in negotiations and in court. Our attorneys firmly believe that nobody should be forced to bear the burden of another person’s bad mistake. We will speak to the insurance company on your behalf, negotiating a fair settlement while you focus on your physical well-being. If the insurance company is unwilling to negotiate in good faith, we could take them, the at-fault motorist, and anybody else who may have contributed to your motorcycle accident injuries to court.

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