For many parents, one of the hardest parts of divorce is not seeing their children every day. Regardless of the physical custody arrangement, most parents want to stay connected with their kids on days they have to be apart.  Virtual visitation

Virtual Visitation Can Help

While there is no substitute for being together, current technology can make it easier when you have to be apart. When your children are with their other parent, you can stay in touch by:

  • Using FaceTime, Skype, or another similar video call service
  • Using instant messaging
  • Using text messaging
  • Interacting on social media accounts
  • Calling your child on the phone

These methods will allow you to hear about your children’s day, read a story to a young child, help an older child with homework, or simply let your children know you’re interested and want to stay involved in their lives.

You can interact with your child in these ways whether you live in the same town, you relocate to another state, or you are traveling for work.

How to Get Virtual Visitation in Virginia

Currently, the Virginia statutes are silent on the topic of virtual visitation. However, virtual visitation may be done informally, or it may be added to your parenting plan.

If virtual visitation is going to be added to the parenting plan, the court will consider an arrangement that is in the best interests of the children. For example, the parenting plan can include the type of virtual visitation, how often virtual visitation may occur, and the length of each virtual visitation session.

Virtual visitation can be a powerful parenting tool and a successful way to stay close to your children when you are physically apart. If you want to video chat with your children when they are with their other parent or keep in touch by some other means, we encourage you to speak to an experienced child custody lawyer today about how to accomplish your goals. Contact us today via this website or by phone to get your questions answered.