If you have fallen and suffered significant injury, and you believe the cause was a property owner's negligence, you may have recourse under Virginia premises liability law. It is important to recognize that the burden of proof in such cases is heavy and specific, but not insurmountable for experienced discerning attorneys who know the law in depth.

Serious Injury Due to a Property Owner's Clear Negligence?

At Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC, we know that some slip-and-fall accidents are extremely serious, resulting in fractures, back injuries, head injuries and other harm that may call for extensive, costly medical treatment. Fast action to get qualified counsel after a serious fall is essential, because evidence and witness testimony may not be recoverable for long.

A Fairfax slip-and-fall injury attorney at our firm will hear you out and evaluate whether what happened merits investigation and potentially a lawsuit, based on:

  • Whether the property owner created a dangerous condition through negligence — or should have known about the condition and corrected it and/or posted a warning before your slip-and-fall injury occurred
  • Whether the property owner should have foreseen that the dangerous condition could reasonably injure a customer or other lawful visitor to the property
  • Whether the injuries suffered are serious enough to require costly medical treatment, cause you to miss work for a lengthy period, or have other major consequences for you

Consult a Virginia Premises Liability Lawyer Qualified to Evaluate Your Claim

Examples of property defects and conditions that can be actionable include failure to clear ice and snow from sidewalks, failures to repair broken stairways and a range of building code violations. Taking photos of the accident location and gathering information of witnesses right away, if possible, can be very helpful in evaluating and building your case.

We pursue only valid personal injury cases, so you can turn to us for practical, realistic counsel and comprehensive investigation after a serious slip and fall. If we believe a premises liability claim or lawsuit is likely to result in you recovering meaningful compensation, you will have a skilled negotiator and trial-proven lawyer on your side.