In Virginia and across the U.S., there have been numerous cases of people being seriously injured by improperly stocked or handled merchandise falling on them in "big-box" stores and other retail locations. Similar harm from falling objects can occur near a construction site, with building materials or other heavy objects being dropped from above.

Do You Need a Fairfax Store Visitor and Bystander Injury Attorney?

Head and brain injury, crush injuries or other serious consequences are common in serious accidents involving falling objects. Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, you may have the right to recover substantial compensation for medical treatment, lost wages and other damages under applicable premises liability laws.

Big-box stores such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot and others obviously have an interest in putting as much merchandise on their shelves as possible, and unfortunately, employees are not always well trained and store owners not always sufficiently conscious of risks to customers. Similarly, contractors and workers on construction sites often prioritize speed in completing their own jobs at the expense of serious risks to pedestrians and bystanders.

Qualified, Practical Counsel on Your Potential Premises Liability Claim

Although the burden of proof required to hold a store owner or other property owner accountable for causing injuries is strict and very specific, our lawyers have the skills and resources to do exactly that. When merchandise or other heavy items fall and seriously hurt someone, we are prepared to investigate thoroughly and offer the utmost in qualified legal counsel.

Take Action Now to Learn Legal Rights and Options

If merchandise fell from a high shelf or was dropped on you from a pallet lifter or other piece of stocking equipment — or if you were injured due to negligence near a dangerous construction site — contact us as soon as possible for protection of your legal rights.

A respected, knowledgeable Virginia falling objects injury lawyer at our firm will provide a free consultation, and you will pay no attorney fees unless we take on your valid case and earn positive financial results to help you recover. However, you are responsible for costs.