Seeking Medical Care and Full Compensation for Injured People

When you break your hip, your life changes forever. With proper medical care you can recover your mobility, though you may never have the agility and range of action that you had before you were injured. This is especially the case when you have hip replacement surgery. As time passes, your injury may even lead to post-traumatic arthritis and a lifetime of nagging pain.

Have You Suffered a Broken Hip or Pelvis Fracture?

If your injury was caused by the negligence of another party, you can claim compensation for your financial losses, and pain and suffering. However, your injury will have serious and lasting effects long after your initial recovery, including income loss, pain and suffering, and the possible need for additional surgery at some point in the future. You need an insurance settlement that provides adequate compensation, not only for your immediate losses, but for all future costs and losses as well.

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Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC, in Fairfax, Virginia, is a team of personal injury lawyers with experience in cases involving broken hips, fractured pelvises, and other life-changing injuries.

When you retain us to represent you, we will undertake a comprehensive legal effort designed to help you obtain full compensation for all current and future losses. Our attorneys will work with your doctor or other medical specialists to determine your current and future medical needs, adjusted for inflation. This is important, because medical costs will continue to increase over time.

Our firm will work with other specialists such as life-care planners, economists and others to determine the full extent of your economic and noneconomic losses.

A typical hip replacement lasts 15 to 20 years, so depending on your age, you may need several hip replacements over the course of your lifetime. We will seek full compensation for the costs of future surgeries, as well as all other losses.

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It's easy to get shortchanged when dealing with insurance companies. Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC, will be your strong advocate in settlement negotiations or at trial. We will seek maximum compensation for you.

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