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The breakup of a marriage may happen over time, as differences widen and the spouses become estranged from each other. If you believe that you are heading toward a divorce, it makes good sense to be prepared and plan for that eventuality. Actions you take now can protect your interests and make a significant difference in the settlement you receive.

At Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC, our divorce attorneys have extensive experience in all types of divorce and separation cases, ranging from uncontested divorces to those involving complex disputes involving property and child custody matters. Our goal in divorce cases is to guide our clients to an outcome that protects their rights and enables them to move forward in their lives.

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Proper Planning for Your Divorce Can Pay Big Dividends

When you come to our offices, your attorney will listen closely as you discuss your situation, your family, and your goals for the future. During this candid and honest divorce consultation, we will explain the divorce process and answer your questions concerning issues such as child custody, property division and support. Your attorney will also explain measures that you can take to strengthen your position and lay the groundwork for a fair outcome.

Every divorce is different, but being prepared and knowledgeable about your financial situation, the marital assets and debts, and the issues that affect custody and visitation will go a long way toward making the divorce process more manageable. The more information you have about your financial circumstances, the more involved and proactive you can be in determining a reasonable outcome of your case.

Gathering Documentation Can Make the Process Easier

Collect copies of documents relating to income, assets and debts, including bank account statements, 401(k), IRA and pension statements, deeds, HUD-1 and other closing documents from purchase or refinance of your home, mortgage and line of credit statements, credit card statements, tax returns, including W-2s and other financial documents.

A lawyer at our firm can provide you with advice concerning these and other issues.

Divorce Studies Reveal Surprising Results

In terms of divorce, 2012 bore witness to new studies aimed at helping Americans understand why we divorce, what affect the divorce process has on us and how to cope with the often traumatic transition that divorce has become.

Some studies were puzzling. Like the report out of Norway which concluded that couples who split up household chore duties are roughly 50 percent more likely to divorce than couples in which one partner assumes that responsibility. Researchers questioned whether a more modern view of marriage has impacted traditional roles in such a way that couples who view each other more equally tend to view marriage as less sacred.

Other studies were more straightforward. For example, researchers at Ohio State University concluded that the financial burden of divorce all but prohibits the most impoverished Americans from seeking one. In addition, the European Economic Review published findings that women who work an extraordinary amount face an increased risk of divorce. This finding likely has less to do with the role of women in the workforce than the idea that if you never see your spouse, your relationship is more likely to falter.

Still other studies proved straightforward in one sense and puzzling in another. A University of Michigan study determined that men close to their wives' parents are at less risk for divorce while women close to their husbands' parents are at a higher risk of divorce.

Americans understood divorce just a little better. Yet, studies in future years promise to broaden our knowledge even more. If you have questions about divorce in Virginia, our family lawyers can help.

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