Results-Driven Representation for Accident Victims

Shifting cargo or an unsecured load can cause a serious truck accident. If you or a family member has suffered losses in this type of accident, you have the right to claim compensation. But in many cases, trucking companies and their lawyers fiercely contest accident claims. Without an experienced legal team on your side, you may not get the compensation you are entitled to.

Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC, in Fairfax, Virginia, is a law firm with extensive experience in truck accident cases. We know how to investigate these types of accidents, document our clients' losses, and advocate for them in court and in settlement negotiations. In your case, we will seek maximum compensation for you.

The trucking company and its insurance company will have lawyers working hard to minimize your compensation. You need an experienced legal team working for you. Contact Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC, for a free consultation with an attorney.

Establishing Trucking Company Negligence

To succeed in a truck accident case in Virginia, it must be shown that the other party was entirely at fault. Though this is a daunting challenge, our firm has the experience, knowledge and resources needed to win.

In your case, we will thoroughly review the events leading to the accident to assign liability for the accident. This task will be made easier by the records that trucking companies are required to maintain, such as driver logs and other information. Working with an accident reconstruction specialist, we will review these and other evidence, such as the freight manifest, eyewitness accounts of the accident and traffic cams, to establish the negligence of the trucking company or driver.

Medical Care and Compensation for Accident Victims

Our attorneys and staff will closely track the progress of your recovery. We will consult with your physician or other medical specialists to determine your current and future medical needs.

Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC, will make a full accounting of all losses for inclusion in your claim, including medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering. From the start of your case to its conclusion, we will work hard to help you obtain maximum compensation for losses.

Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

For a free consultation about a truck accident case in Northern Virginia, contact Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC.