Car Accidents can happen anywhereCity streets and highways are common locations for car accidents to occur and the ones most likely to result in injury. However, they aren’t the only places where collisions happen. Parking lots, driveways, parking garages, and drive-thrus are also common vehicle accident sites.

Parking Facility Accidents

Parking lots can put both pedestrians and drivers at risk for accidents, and many accidents occur here because there are no crosswalks, traffic lights, or walk signals to help pedestrians and vehicles navigate. When drivers are in the process of backing up their vehicles, visibility is limited. And pedestrians are often distracted by their cell phones while walking through a parking lot filled with parked cars. Likewise, parking garages pose risks because many drivers ignore stop or yield signs or move too fast through the structure. Garages are often dimly lit, adding to the danger for pedestrians.

Drive-Thru Accidents

Given the constant stop-and-go nature of drive-thru traffic, rear-end collisions are common. Drivers often fail to allow enough space between their own vehicle and the car in front of them, and they move ahead too quickly in the line, colliding with the vehicle in front. Dual drive-thru lanes can be particularly problematic, especially when the two lanes merge into a single lane. This often confuses drivers, leading to an accident. Drive-thru lines at busy restaurants can sometimes extend into the street, blocking traffic. This is particularly dangerous when there is a curve in the road since oncoming traffic won’t expect drive-thru vehicles to be backed up into the street. 

Collisions With Buildings

Drivers sometimes crash into buildings while attempting to park in a space facing the business storefront. This type of accident can happen for a variety of reasons. A driver may be operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Elderly drivers may press the gas pedal when they intended to use the brake, or they shift the vehicle into the wrong gear.

Businesses located in the curve of a road or at an intersection are particularly vulnerable to vehicle crashes. For example, a McDonald’s located in Virginia Beach was struck by a van, which caught fire and injured four people. The driver lost control of the vehicle, crossed the sidewalk, crashed into parked vehicles in the parking lot, and then collided with the building.

Driveway Accidents

Driveways are also common locations for back-over accidents. If a child is left unsupervised, he may wander behind a vehicle, hide beneath it, or play in the vehicle’s blind spot. This is particularly true of sport utility vehicles and minivans, which often have larger rear blind zones. Small children may not be visible in the mirrors when they are close to the vehicle’s bumpers.

You Need an Attorney

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