Photographs taken at the scene of a car accident can provide powerful evidence for your insurance claim. They can also help prove who is at fault for the accident.  Taking photos at the crash scene

Why Accident Scene Photos Are Important

It’s difficult to deny the story pictures tell, and accident scene pictures offer the following:

  • Proof of property damage
  • Personal injury documentation
  • Reminders about important details of the accident that might have been overlooked or forgotten

If you have good car accident photos along with other relevant evidence, this also shows the insurance claims adjuster that you are knowledgeable about what’s needed for your claim and motivated to obtain a fair settlement. Having accident photos can strengthen your claim, resulting in a higher settlement offer.

Accident Scene Photos That Are Most Important

When you take photos, begin by getting some of the entire accident scene as soon as possible after the crash. Take wide shots from several angles that provide an overview. Next, focus on the details:

  • Photograph the vehicles involved in the crash.
  • Get close-ups of your vehicle’s damage from different angles. If possible, frame the shots to include your license plate. Take pictures of the other driver’s vehicle damage.
  • Take pictures of any debris that may have fallen from the vehicles.
  • Capture important location factors, including traffic indicators such as lights or signs.
  • Photograph the weather conditions.
  • Look for skid marks, capturing the length and width from close and long range. Try to show the direction in which the car was headed.
  • Get images of people at the scene, including the other driver and any passengers. If you can get permission, take pictures of any witnesses, as well. Take pictures of emergency responders and their vehicles. If anyone is put on a gurney and into an ambulance, take a shot of this.
  • Photograph your injuries and injuries to the at-fault driver, passengers, and bystanders. Continue to photograph your injuries throughout the healing process.

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