A limo can be a fun way to travel. Whether you are headed to the airport, a holiday party, a wedding, a prom, or just out for a night on the town, a limo allows you to be together with your friends and have someone else do the driving. However, since the tragic October 2018 limo crash in New York that killed 20 people, many questions have been raised about the safety of limousine travel. Limousine accidents

Is Limo Travel Safe in Virginia?

Virginia, like New York and other states, has limousine safety regulations in place to protect passengers. These regulations require:

  • Limo drivers to have certain types of licenses. A limo driver must be appropriately licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Additionally, the Virginia Limousine Association suggests that chauffeurs receive initial and on-going safety training and background checks.
  • Limo companies to have their vehicles go through certain inspections. Many limos are modified versions of passenger cars. The original vehicle is cut down the middle and then expanded. The interior is then refitted. These changes can create safety issues. Regular inspections are required by law.
  • Limo companies to be licensed transportation providers and carry insurance. If the limo company is in any way responsible for an accident, its insurance company should compensate the victims.

However, these regulations do not prevent all limo accidents and resulting injuries. Regulations only work to keep limo passengers safe if limo companies and drivers comply with the regulations. Additionally, limo accidents can occur for other reasons including distracted, drowsy, drunk, or otherwise negligent driving on the part of the chauffeur.

Protect Your Recovery After a Virginia Limousine Accident

If you have been injured by a negligent limo driver, by a limousine company that failed to provide a safe vehicle or a qualified driver, or by another driver that crashed into the limo, you may be able to recover damages in a Virginia personal injury lawsuit. Your damages may include compensation for past, current, and future healthcare costs, lost income, out-of-pocket costs, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

Contact our Fairfax personal injury lawyers today if you’ve been hurt or a loved one has been killed in a Virginia limo accident. We would be pleased to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation at your convenience to discuss your legal rights and potential compensation.