Knowledgeable, Skilled Fairfax Alimony/Spousal Support Lawyers

For many people facing divorce in Northern Virginia, the establishment of maintenance and support to be paid by one spouse to the other is a critical concern. Orders for such support payments, still sometimes called alimony, are not by any means automatic or formulaic.

Whether you are seeking the full amount of spousal support you deserve or want to avoid an unfair obligation under your divorce decree, an experienced Virginia family law attorney's counsel and representation will be essential. This is especially true if you see potential for disagreement with your divorcing spouse about actual income, earning capacity, fault for the divorce or other pivotal issues.

Are You Concerned About Hidden Assets or Misrepresentation of Income?

At Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC, our experienced divorce lawyers are adept at determining income and finding assets that must be considered as part of the full financial disclosure required in any contested Virginia divorce. Our knowledge and proven capabilities extend to:

  • Performing the necessary research, investigation and forensic accounting to establish the truth about your own or your divorcing spouse's income and assets — even if assets have been diverted into private accounts or hidden offshore
  • Exposing under-reporting of income from self-employment, investment interests or other sources
  • Fighting for or defending against imputation of income in situations where a husband or wife has lost a job for misconduct, become or remained voluntarily unemployed, or taken lower-paying employment in the effort to influence spousal support/alimony orders

Turn to an Attorney Experienced in Resolving Complex, Contested Divorce Cases

Our Fairfax law firm is a widely respected resource for men and women throughout Virginia who must cope with a complex, high-asset divorce or any other contested domestic relations matter.

From the hearing for establishment of temporary orders while your divorce is in process through every phase of your case, you can count on clear, informed guidance and assertive representation of your financial interests. For a consultation focused squarely on your concerns and goals as you consider or prepare for divorce, contact us.