Technology Developed in Virginia May Help Motorcyclists

We all know Northern Virginia is full of great places to ride a motorcycle, with so many beautiful tree-lined thoroughfares throughout the area. The region also offers means of quicker, albeit less tranquil, transportation in the form of the Beltway. One commonality in between these two environments is that in both, motorcyclists must always be on their guard for inattentive drivers. Careless or distracted drivers on four wheels are frequently the cause of motorcycle accidents.

But what can be done to help keep a Virginia motorcyclist out of harm’s way? The answer may lie in a call from the U.S. Department of Transportation that vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems be built into all automobiles and light trucks. As envisioned, these systems would inform drivers of potentially hazardous situations, including the presence of motorcycles.

In 2001, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute started working on the vehicle warning system technology. In tandem with Virginia’s Department of Transportation, the institute set up testing grounds along highways in Fairfax.

The two organizations face myriad challenges in their research and development processes. Currently they are looking at a variety of possible vehicle-driver interfaces. In addition, a new network to carry the vast array of relevant data must be developed.

So, while the future appears to hold promise for motorcycle safety, the days of cars telling their drivers to watch out are not yet here. An inattentive automobile driver still holds a grave threat to the vulnerable driver on two motorized wheels.

Even the most experienced, conscientious motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable to other drivers' mistakes and recklessness. In an instant, a turn in front of a motorcycle or other unsafe driving maneuver can cause a devastating crash that leaves a family grieving and changed forever.

Fault for motorcycle accidents is often intensely disputed, with the driver of another vehicle claiming that the biker was impossible to see or made a sudden move that caused the crash. In other cases, a motorcyclist may be forced into an evasive move and fatal loss of control. If you are seeking answers and compensation for your losses and suffering, you need to work with a law firm committed to diligent, resourceful accident investigation.

Road Rash Injuries After A Motorcycle Accident

Road rash is more than a few scrapes and bruises. It can be a serious medical condition that requires significant treatment and results in serious damages. If you suffered road rash after a motorcycle accident, it’s important to understand the medical treatment necessary for your injuries and how to protect your legal and financial interests as you move forward with your recovery.Road rash and motorcycle accidents

What Is Road Rash?

Road rash occurs when your skin has been scraped on the pavement during an accident. As a motorcyclist, you lack the protective metal of a vehicle that prevents other motorists from suffering this type of injury.

When you fall or skid along the pavement your skin develops abrasions which can result in injuries to your nerves, and the effects can be both immediate and last long term. For example, you may feel instant pain and discomfort from your road rash, but going forward, you may also suffer from nerve or tissue damage, infection, and scarring. 

Road rash, like burns, is often classified according to degrees. Here is a brief look at the three degrees of road rash:

  • First degree road rash. This is the least serious type of road rash injury. Typically, it involves some scrapes and red marks on the skin. You may be able to treat this yourself if you wash it carefully, make sure any debris is removed, change the dressing regularly, and watch carefully for signs of infection.
  • Second degree road rash. If you suffer second degree road rash, the skin is typically broken and often bleeding. While no damage has been done to the underlying tissue, you may still benefit from medical attention to manage the pain and bleeding. It’s possible for there to be scarring.
  • Third degree road rash. This is the most serious type of road rash, and it can be debilitating and requires medical treatment. If you suffer from third degree road rash, your skin may have been scraped away. The muscle, nerves, and tendons may be exposed and injured.

Medical Treatment for Road Rash is Important to Your Recovery

Immediate medical treatment can help prevent serious and long-term complications of second and third degree road rashes. A health care provider should:

  • Clean your wounds
  • Provide medication for pain and to prevent infection
  • Teach you how to take care of the wounds
  • Check on the wounds for signs of infection

In severe cases, surgery and physical therapy may also be required.

Legal Help Is Important to Your Recovery from Road Rash

Even if another motorist was clearly at fault for your motorcycle accident injuries, you may have to fight for a fair recovery. The motorist’s insurance company will likely want to pay as little as possible for your road rash injuries. Hiring a motorcycle accident personal injury lawyer can help you collect for:

  • Costly medical bills. If you suffer road rash in a motorcycle accident, you may be faced with expensive medical bills over and above those for the immediate treatment of your wounds. If your injuries are serious, you may require cosmetic surgery, and you may need more than one surgery to repair the damages, restore your appearance, and reconstruct the area of skin that’s been torn away. These types of medical expenses can be costly, leaving you with bills you may be unable to pay.
  • Lost wages. If you are forced to take time off work due to your road rash injuries, you may lose income for those missed days. If you suffered severe disfigurement, it's possible you may be off work for a long time or entirely unable to return to your position due to the changes in your appearance. If, for example, your job required that you greet the public or you were some type of spokesperson or public representative for a product or company, you maybe be unable to earn the same salary as you did before the accident. This loss of earning potential should be factored in as part of your lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering. The emotional pain, suffering, and trauma you experienced in the crash should be included in your road rash personal injury claim. If you have suffered disfigurement, you may experience stress, anguish, shame, and embarrassment that factors into a loss of self-confidence. You may not feel like going out in public; you may find that your social life changes. And because of these changes, your claim should include compensation for what are considered non-economic damages—those that can’t be substantiated such as a medical bill.

Tenacious, Uncompromising Pursuit of Compensation for Your Tragic Loss

Wrongful death case building and litigation are clear strengths at Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC. An experienced Virginia fatal motorcycle accident attorney at our firm will work closely with you and your family, clearly explaining your rights under complex, highly nuanced statutes. We will aggressively pursue all available financial compensation for medical and funeral expenses, lost income, suffering and other damages through:

  • Comprehensive accident reconstruction by a seasoned expert in this field if needed
  • Full analysis of all applicable insurance coverage and any other sources of recovery in your wrongful death case
  • Consideration of any potentially hidden factors in the crash, such as distracted driving by the at-fault motorist or actionable roadway defects or products liability issues
  • Preparation of your case for trial from the outset, in order to compel insurers and other responsible parties to negotiate in good faith

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