Did Irresponsible Cellphone Use Cause Your Car or Motorcycle Accident?

As of early 2012, the Virginia Legislature has not yet imposed a ban on texting while driving — nor any "hands-free" cellphone laws comparable to those in Washington, D.C., Maryland and numerous other cities and states. However, awareness of the serious risks posed by text messaging behind the wheel is growing rapidly, with studies emerging that compare the dangers to drunk driving.

Increasingly, people injured in auto crashes — as well as pedestrian and bicycle rundowns — throughout Northern Virginia report suspicion that the other driver was looking down at a phone or otherwise distracted. Other indications that such negligence may have been a factor include:

  • rear-end collision, T-bone accident or other crash with no skid marks or evidence of braking before impact
  • Observation of highway "lane drifting" or other erratic driving behavior prior to the accident

Expert Investigation Could Be Critical for Your Recovery

If you have been hurt in an auto accident you believe may have been caused by a texting or otherwise distracted driver, you need a law firm committed to thorough, resourceful investigation. If you have tragically lost a family member in a fatal accident, you can depend on our Virginia lawyers to evaluate whether texting while driving was the reason.

We will work to show cause and subpoena cellphone records or other evidence critical to your case for financial compensation. Our commitment to our clients extends to taking cases all the way through trial if necessary to obtain every dollar available to help them recover and move forward in life.

Consult Free With a Skilled Fairfax Distracted Driver Accident Attorney

Virginia laws invoking the principle of "contributory negligence" increase the complexity of resolving many disputed auto, trucking and other vehicle accidents. Our ability to prove that a crash was caused by clearly negligent behavior such as texting while driving could make all the difference in your case.

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