It’s no secret that consuming alcohol is one of America’s favorite ways to celebrate and pass the time. Whether it’s having a few beers after work or pouring champagne during brunch, there are countless situations where drinking is a major component.

However, it’s known for having major side effects as you increase your consumption. Impaired judgment is one of the most common, and this can lead people to get behind the wheel of a car after they’ve been drinking.

It’s imperative to hire a DUI lawyer if you’ve been charged with a DUI. Let’s explore the benefits of doing so.

1. Understanding DUI Laws

DUI laws are notably complicated. They consist of far more than how much alcohol you can legally have before you drive. For example, there are laws regarding how long enforcement conducts field sobriety tests.

Some regulations dictate how breathalyzer devices should be configured and inspected. Your attorney will quickly recognize if law enforcement fails to properly adhere to DUI laws. This can go a long way toward helping them build the best case for your situation.

2. Avoid Jail Time

One of the most intimidating outcomes of a DUI charge is potential jail time. Depending on the judge who oversees your case, you will be sentenced to jail even if you’re a first-time offender. To clarify, that particular judge may have a zero-tolerance policy on driving after drinking.

Other factors that could lead to a jail sentence include injury or property damage that occurred while you were behind the wheel. However, having the right attorney on your side can substantially reduce your chance of seeing the inside of a jail cell.

3. Spot Weaknesses in Your Case

It’s up to the state to build a case against you and achieve a conviction. While the state has plenty of resources to leverage, the cases they build aren’t always bulletproof. Experienced attorneys can discern weak points in the prosecution.

This could include unreliable witness testimonies or the use of circumstantial evidence. From here, they can bolster your legal defense and exponentially increase the likelihood of things going your way. Without this insight, you run the risk of dealing with unnecessary consequences.

4. Negotiation

Sometimes, clearing your name isn’t always possible. Attorneys can negotiate with the prosecution for a lesser sentence. Imagine a situation where prosecutors wanted to sentence you to six months in jail for your crime.

Your lawyer argues that you have a clean criminal record and your situation was the result of a momentary lapse in judgment. They negotiate with the prosecution for your punishment to be one year of probation instead. The right lawyer can help you overcome obstacles that would have substantially impacted your quality of life.

5. Get Your License Back

If your license was suspended or revoked after a DUI charge, working with an attorney can help you get it back as soon as possible. They know the exact path to navigate to help you restore your right to drive.

In the meantime, they can help you obtain a hardship license. This allows you to legally drive to essential locations, such as school, work, the clinic, and the grocery store.

6. Access to Powerful Resources

Attorneys have resources they can tap into to aid with your case. Reputable lawyers have extensive professional networks and broad knowledge of DUI laws and the key points you’ll need to consider.

They’ve also likely handled hundreds or even thousands of situations like yours in the past. The ability to leverage an opportunity like this can make your case go far smoother than you anticipated. Keep this information in mind when moving forward so you can handle your case appropriately.

7. Stress Reduction

Legal issues can cause a substantial amount of stress. Left unchecked, this can lead to numerous health problems. The last thing you want while handling a DUI case is to experience health complications.

Your lawyer can take this weight off your shoulders and allow you to get your life back on track. This is one of the most important details to consider when hiring a lawyer.

8. Save Time and Money

Dealing with a DUI can be notably expensive. In some situations, it can exceed $10,000. However, you’ll pay far more in opportunity costs without an attorney.

For example, let’s assume you couldn’t get your license back. This could impede your ability to work or get a better-paying job, causing you to miss out on a substantial amount of money.

9. Expert Advice

Sometimes, the defendant’s behavior will affect how their case unfolds. Your attorney will provide expert advice that prevents you from creating unnecessary complications.

As long as you listen to your lawyer, you can avoid many issues you may have otherwise encountered. Just be sure to find someone with the right level of knowledge. This will guarantee you receive the right level of legal representation.

10. Get Your Case Dismissed

In some situations, working with the right attorney can help you get your case dismissed. When this occurs, all charges against you will be dropped and you won’t suffer legal penalties. A common scenario where this plays out is if law enforcement improperly configured a breathalyzer device.

For instance, an investigation might conclude the breathalyzer produces an alcohol reading even when there’s no alcohol present. Your attorney can then conclude the device doesn’t function properly and is therefore unreliable. While you may have had this suspicion on your own, you don’t have the legal power to get this information in front of the judge.

Find the Right DUI Lawyer

It’s crucial to find the right DUI lawyer for your situation. Otherwise, you risk dealing with license suspension/revocation and jail time. As long as you do your due diligence, you’ll find a suitable attorney who can help you overcome the odds against you.

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