No one thinks they’ll end up in divorce court when they get married. Yet, it happens to many married couples. If you’re ready to file, your top goal should be to find the right divorce attorney.

Divorces take time, especially if you have children. Therefore, your attorney will be part of your life for a while and will play a massive role in your divorce settlement.

These are just a few reasons to take your time when choosing a lawyer. As you search for one, here are some questions to ask. These questions will help you choose the best one.

What Branches of Law Do You Practice?

Lawyers come in many shapes and sizes, each offering specific branches of law. Some of the most common types include:

  • Personal injury attorney
  • Criminal defense lawyer
  • Car accident lawyer
  • DUI lawyer
  • Divorce attorney

Divorces fall into the branch of law called family law. Family law includes legal services relating to all family issues. This includes prenuptial agreements, adoptions, and family disputes.

Most divorce lawyers practice all areas of one branch of law. Others specialize in only one type of service.

As you search for a divorce lawyer, look for someone with experience primarily handling divorce cases. Lawyers like this have more experience than others and may offer higher-quality services.

Each time you interview a lawyer, ask them about their specialty. The answer reveals a lot about their knowledge and experience.

What Experience Do You Have With Divorces?

Next, discuss the lawyer’s experience handling divorce cases. Start by talking about the types of cases they’ve handled.

For example, do they typically represent the wife or the husband? If you’re the wife, you might prefer a divorce lawyer who primarily handles cases for the wife.

If you have children, discuss the attorney’s experience with child custody cases. How much experience do they have? What are the typical results?

You can ask how many cases the attorney has handled and how long they practiced divorce law.

Asking about the divorce process is also helpful. For example, ask them to explain how the divorce process starts and what to expect afterward. Ask for details and try to learn as much as possible about the attorney’s methods.

Do You Work Alone or as a Team?

You’ll find two types of lawyers when hiring one for a divorce in Virginia. The first type works alone and handles the entire case from start to finish. The other type works as a team.

Both types of attorneys exist, but you might prefer one over the other. You can compare the differences if you need more clarification.

Attorneys Working Alone

When a lawyer works alone, they handle every aspect of the case. You can contact the lawyer for all your questions about the divorce. This lawyer will answer all your questions and perform all the steps of your divorce.

One benefit of this is the lawyer learns the case really well. A disadvantage is the lawyer might be busy working on other cases and not have the time needed to handle yours.

Attorneys Working as a Team

Many law firms share the work, which means they share all their cases. When lawyers work as a team, you might speak with multiple attorneys about your case. Each will know about it.

The advantage of working with a team is you have more people working on your case. The downside is you must work with several lawyers instead of just one.

How Does Your Rate Schedule Work?

Discussing the costs is always crucial with divorces. Right now, the average cost of a divorce is $11,300. Of course, some divorces cost less because they are simpler than others, but others cost more.

Divorce lawyers might charge flat fees for divorces, but most charge an hourly rate. If the attorney charges an hourly rate, ask how they compute the time spent on the case.

You can also ask for an approximate cost for your divorce. While the law firm might not be able to give you a clear answer, they should be able to provide an estimate.

What Divorce Methods Do You Use and Prefer?

Divorce attorneys use different methods for divorce cases. You can research the common divorce options to learn about these. Then, you can ask the lawyer about the type you’d like.

For example, some couples want a collaborative divorce. Others prefer a traditional divorce.

Each divorce type has pros and cons, and some options might cost more than others. Learning the differences will help you select the right type and the best attorney for the case.

What Challenges Do You See in This Case?

Before an attorney can tell you the challenges they see in the case, they’ll need to know about your situation. The lawyer will ask you to explain your situation and may ask questions during the explanation.

The attorney might ask about protecting your assets in the divorce. For example, do you have a lot of assets you want to keep? If so, the divorce might be more challenging.

Divorces are generally more challenging when the couple has children. You must work through child custody arrangements, child support, and other issues.

You might also have challenges if there is a prenuptial agreement involved. For example, if you signed a prenuptial agreement, you may be bound to its terms.

Some divorces have virtually no challenges. This is especially true for couples without assets, debt, or children.

Request a Divorce Attorney Consultation Visit

Asking these questions to a divorce attorney provides information and answers. Write these down and add other questions that you have. When you meet with the attorney, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

Then, you can make the best decision for your situation. Do you need a divorce attorney?

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