Were you recently arrested for a DUI in Virginia? There are about 228.1 DUI arrests per 100k people in the state.

The repercussions of a DUI charge can be serious, whether or not it’s your first DUI. You could lose your license or even face jail time.

Not sure if you should hire a DUI attorney to take your case? Read on to discover how their legal expertise can help.

To Understand Your First DUI Charges

DUI laws are intricate and vary between states. Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer in Virginia will ensure you understand the charges.

Hire an attorney with years of local experience and expertise. Determine how many DUI cases they handle in Virginia each year. These lawyers will understand local laws and procedures that may affect your case.

They’ll leverage their experience and expertise to construct your defense. Confirm that they have a thorough understanding of how alcohol affects driving ability. Alcohol can:

  • Reduce brain functionality
  • Impair thinking
  • Effect reasoning
  • Impair muscle coordination

As your blood alcohol content increases, the effects on your central nervous system will increase. Your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is the weight of alcohol in a certain volume of blood. A BAC of .08 grams per deciliter (g/dL) increases your crash risk.

It’s illegal to drive with a BAC of .08 or higher. However, even a small amount of alcohol in your system can affect your driving ability.

At just .02 g/dL, there’s a loss of judgment. At .05, your alertness reduces. Your response to emergency driving situations and coordination will drop.

If you had even a small amount of alcohol in your system while driving, a prosecutor will argue your diminished driving capacity. Your DUI attorney can anticipate their arguments while crafting your defense.

You should not represent yourself. A judge won’t take you seriously, potentially leading to jail time or other legal consequences.

Don’t wait to hire a DUI lawyer. The sooner they take your case, the stronger your defense.

When Speaking With Officers

Your DUI lawyer will review every detail of the arrest procedures thoroughly and meticulously. They’ll determine if the arresting officers adhered to proper protocols. These include conducting:

  • Breathalyzer tests
  • Blood tests
  • Sobriety tests

If an officer didn’t follow protocol, your lawyer could argue the evidence is inadmissible. This could weaken the prosecution’s case against you. In fact, it could lead to the case getting thrown out.

Don’t talk to the arresting officers without your lawyer present. Anything you say can negatively affect your case.

To Monitor Your DUI Case

You won’t receive much information once arrest procedures begin. The arresting officers aren’t required to keep you informed. To gain access to information, hire a DUI lawyer.

They’ll keep you apprised during each stage of the court process. You’ll struggle to access these updates on your own.

Your lawyer can walk you through the court process. Even the pre-filing investigation can take weeks or months.

Receiving updates will allow you to make informed decisions moving forward. You can respond as needed promptly. Otherwise, you may be blindsided or feel unprepared when the case goes to court.

When Reviewing Results

Your BAC test will serve as a crucial piece of evidence during your DUI case. Your lawyer will know how these tests function. They’ll review the testing procedures throughout every stage of the process.

Their understanding of your blood alcohol content test results can strengthen your case. Choose a lawyer with thorough knowledge of sample collection and laboratory analysis. They’ll recognize mistakes anyone makes during these processes.

Avoid Aggressive Charges

Whether this is your first DUI or second, the actions you take will affect your future. Hiring a DUI lawyer will ensure you avoid making costly mistakes. Otherwise, you may be facing aggressive charges.

Your lawyer can step in during the pre-filing investigation. They can leverage their expertise to impact the prosecutor’s decision.

If you don’t have representation, the prosecutor could jump to file charges. They may not wait to gather every piece of evidence. The prosecutor won’t have your best interests in mind.

Choose a lawyer with professional connections. They may have an established relationship with the prosecutor. This could help you avoid aggressive charges.

To Negotiate Plea Deals

An experienced DUI attorney can leverage their connections to negotiate favorable plea deals on your behalf. They can initiate these discussions to protect your interests.

With their help, you could avoid jail time or other severe legal consequences. For example, you may lose your driving privileges.

If you lose your driving privileges, talk to your attorney. They can guide you through the license suspension hearings. They’ll understand how the administrative procedures function.

Your lawyer will present evidence that could reduce or overturn your suspension. With their help, you can face a less severe punishment.

When Navigating the Court Process

Navigating the court process without experience can lead to serious consequences. Remember, a judge won’t take you seriously without a lawyer. You’re likely to miss deadlines or make mistakes if you’re alone.

If your case goes to trial, your lawyer can leverage their courtroom experience to:

  • Represent you
  • Question witnesses
  • Present arguments to raise doubt

They’ll strengthen your defense and put the prosecution’s argument into question.

To Protect Your Best Interests

An experienced lawyer will determine the best possible defense for your case. They’ll draft your defense based on the case’s unique circumstances.

Your lawyer will first meticulously review the details of your arrest. They’ll consider the legality of the traffic stop and establishment of cause. They’ll consider any conditions or medications that effected your BAC results or sobriety tests.

Choosing an experienced attorney will allow you to protect your best interests. They’ll fight to protect your rights through every step of the process.

Hire Your DUI Attorney Today

Don’t handle a DUI case alone. From the moment arrest procedures begin, hire an experienced DUI attorney. The best attorney in Virginia can fight with your best interests in mind.

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