Virginia Fatal Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Even the most experienced, conscientious motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable to other drivers' mistakes and recklessness. In an instant, a turn in front of a motorcycle or other unsafe driving maneuver can cause a devastating crash that leaves a family grieving and changed forever.

Fault for motorcycle accidents is often intensely disputed, with the driver of another vehicle claiming that the biker was impossible to see or made a sudden move that caused the crash. In other cases, a motorcyclist may be forced into an evasive move and fatal loss of control. If you are seeking answers and compensation for your losses and suffering, you need to work with a law firm committed to diligent, resourceful accident investigation.

Tenacious, Uncompromising Pursuit of Compensation for Your Tragic Loss

Wrongful death case building and litigation are clear strengths at Kearney, Freeman, Fogarty & Joshi, PLLC. An experienced Virginia fatal motorcycle accident attorney at our firm will work closely with you and your family, clearly explaining your rights under complex, highly nuanced statutes. We will aggressively pursue all available financial compensation for medical and funeral expenses, lost income, suffering and other damages through:

  • Comprehensive accident reconstruction by a seasoned expert in this field if needed
  • Full analysis of all applicable insurance coverage and any other sources of recovery in your wrongful death case
  • Consideration of any potentially hidden factors in the crash, such as distracted driving by the at-fault motorist or actionable roadway defects or products liability issues
  • Preparation of your case for trial from the outset, in order to compel insurers and other responsible parties to negotiate in good faith

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You deserve genuine compassion and dedicated legal counsel. Our lawyers and professional team will respond actively to your request for a free case evaluation and take immediate action to protect your rights.

While you focus on emotional recovery, we will devote our energies to handling all legal and insurance concerns with care. You can count on being kept informed of all decisions and developments, and you will pay no attorney fees if you do not receive financial compensation for your tragic loss, although you are responsible for costs.